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About us

We are a visual effects and 3D studio located in Castelldefels, 10 minutes away from Barcelona. We love our work about creative challenges related to 3D, video composition and visual effects.

How can we contact you?
You can contact us in various ways. Using the form contact, sending an email to this address: email image, by calling the mobile phone +34 644 972 111, or if you wish you can send us a Whatsapp message and we will phone you as soon as possible: whatsapp icon +34 644 972 111

¿What does VFX mean?¿And CGI?
VFX come from Visual Effects. Visual effects differ from FX (Special effects) in the fact that VFX are added after shooting the sequence, generally with computer generated images. Special effects are recorded with the sequence and are "real" (explosions, smoke, etc.) CGI come from Computer Generated Imagery. More info at Visual Effects Society

¿What process do you follow to perform a project?
When a client asks for a quote, we attach a document where we explain our working methodology and considerations before and during all project pipeline.

¿What hardware do you have?
We have various intel Xeon + i7 servers for complex render animations. All our data is protected against hardware failures through Raid configurations and daily backups in cloud services.